PFit Yoga

Cancellation of our Outdoor Fitness and Yoga Program

PFit Yoga throughout the years has allocated a unique Yoga and Fitness system made for the general public to enjoy Exercises Outdoors. Our initial engagement with the Forest Preserves of Cook County (FPDCC ) was established based from the owners extensive medical background in clinical settings and allocating his trade to advocate towards the general public whom often have pre-existing conditions of chronic pain and other ailments. The level system was designed initially for that sole purpose to have the public to be aware and learn the absolute fundamentals of the exercise endured from the level system established to help provide a better quality of life.

Throughout the years we have shared many wonderful, heartfelt moments with our attendees not only with the practice of the exercise but also the tranquility that nature provided us. Last year in 2018 we ran into a severe problem in which the owners encountered numerous unsavory people who not only tried to sabotage the reputation of the company, but also took it upon themselves to allocate our business process into their own Yoga practice to subsequently compete with our company. Recently (April-May) we have tried our best to hire qualified instructors and again were left with many unpromising candidates.

Again we are blessed and very grateful for all that did attend throughout the years. In conclusion PFit Yoga will no longer pursue the Outdoor Exercise classes. For those that still have Groupon(s) to redeem, we encourage you to contact the company for a refund.

Our most sincere regards,
-PFit Yoga🙏

All Classes are pre-paid here: *Cash not accepted

General Classes / Specialty Classes


Our General Classes are a great way to improve your endurance in nature. Pre or Post run, or heavy workout, these general classes will help your body relax while stretching, strengthening, and lengthening the muscles you were just working on. 


Bring your Fitness Outdoors this year and try our invigorating, fun, low and high impact customized  Fitness &  Yoga Specialty Classes! These classes are semi-event Yoga and Fitness that are 60min-90min slots.