Greetings and Sun-Salutations!

We introduce you to our Seasonal Outdoor Exercise Classes exclusively with the Forest Preserves of Cook County as a vendor. Freshen up your senses this year and experience Fitness and Yoga Outside allocated for the general public and exercise enthusiast! Enhance your exercise with Nature and try our General Classes which is for the entry level-intermediate (All Level / 1-2 Level)  Yoga practitioner or our Specialty Classes which are unique and customized classes for the experienced practitioners.

Outdoor Benefits

The combination of exercising in nature, natural light and sensory stimulation has a “salutogenic” effect: reducing stress and encouraging healthy behaviors. 

Eco Friendly

Our low-impact outdoor classes requires no electricity, no harm to nature, and uses very little human resources besides the energy one produces from  the class. 

Refresh Your Senses

Fitness and Yoga are ideal options for the Outdoors of Chicago, allowing users to exercise while enjoying nature's landscape in an open air environment.   

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